Cleaning Day is co-operating with mobile payment tool Pivo, which also makes easy fundraising for charities possible during the Cleaning Day.

If you represent an NGO, you can start using Pivo, and you get your own Pivo phone number for receiving payments. Your organisation and the Pivo number will be listen in Siivouspäivä page, and sellers can ask customers to pay their flea market finds straight to your number with their mobile phones and Pivo.

Cleaning Day flea market shopper: download the Pivo app, and register your bank account, and you can turn your shopping into an act of charity! Cleaning Day seller: follow this page for an update where we list of NGOs and their Pivo numbers. Give these numbers to your flea market clients to pay part or all of the price of your secondhand items. In your sales spot registration, click the Charity category so that shoppers know where to shop and do charity at the same time.