So far the following municipalities have informed to take part in the August 2023 Cleaning Day, please note possible specific instructions for participation: 

Kajaani, park areas

Kemi, Kemin kauppatori, address Marina Takalon katu on August 26, 2023 between 9-17

Lahti, Lahden Kauppatori between 8- 14. Please note that if you are bringing your car and need a space for trunk flea market, there is a fee (further instructions

Rauma, please note however that it is not allowed to use the Market Place (Kauppatori) or schools, kindergartens and other town buildings for the purpose (further instructions 

If your municipality wants to take part in the Cleaning Day, please contact:


Participants do not need to write a separate license application to the municipality, but they have to follow these general rules in addition to the possible specific rules set by each municipality:

- The seller must register and announce her sales location on the Cleaning Day website.
- The sales spots must be on hard surfaces, ie asphalt or sand. Lawns must not be damaged.
- The general pedestrian, traffic or other use of the area must not be hindered
- The seller is liable to the city and to a third party for any damage and harm caused by the sales spot.
- Unsold goods and trash are at the sole responsibility of each vendor and must be removed from public space at the participants own expense immediately after the event.
- no point of sale can be set up in public transport stops or on roads
- Participants must leave one and a half meters of footpath on sidewalks
- Sellers are encouraged to arrive by public transport, and people traveling by car must follow the normal parking rules - green areas CANNOT BE USED AS PARKING SPOTS

Great if your municipality is joining us!